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"DrivePool_VerifyAfterCopy" - option



I change the "DrivePool_VerifyAfterCopy" to "True". How to enforce checking of the whole pool now?

I am going to verify the checksum of all the duplicated files. I use 3x duplication - what if one file will be different from the others copies? What if three copies will be different from each others?

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Even enabling this, it won't really do what you want it to.



Specifically, when checking the files, it checks the modified date.  If this matches, then it "moves on".  Otherwise, it then computes the hash of each file and compares them.


If the hash doesn't match, it gets flagged for the UI for resolution... and will generally want to use the newest copy.



As for triggering this, you can remeasure the pool. That would force this to happen.  Otherwise, it will check when the files get accessed on the pool.

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