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Cannot delete files or modify files on pool.



At first, I thought it was some strange windows permissions error with Linux and samba, but now I'm not so convinced. 


I am able to read all the files but I could not change anything on the drive, or change owners. Every time I did it claimed permission denied.


Since I could still back up my files I had planned to break the pool and format the drives and see if that would fix the permissions. 


During that process, I decided to give some of the other drives letters so I could directly see the data in the pooled drives. I was able to modify and make changes to the files leading me to believe there is some problem with drive pool.


The physical drives are formatted with REFS which I know is in beta support while the pool is NTFS. 


I'm guessing this prob h as something to do with it.


Do you plan on supporting REFS anytime soon? I'd hate to break this all down and switch over to freenas on a VM for my storage.



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ReFS is still not fully supported (and there may be a serious memory leak issue with ReFS itself, that at least a couple of people have noticed).


The internal beta's better support ReFS (even display the file being used by each drive, set the pool to ReFS in a ReFS only pool, and dis-allows mixing of file system types).

You can find the latest beta here: 




As for the write/modify issues, the beta may have helped with this, as there are some Samba/SMB/CIFS bug fixes in the public beta build.   

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