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  1. So I updated to the latest version of drivepool beta and it seems to work I can now modify my files in the pool!
  2. At first, I thought it was some strange windows permissions error with Linux and samba, but now I'm not so convinced. I am able to read all the files but I could not change anything on the drive, or change owners. Every time I did it claimed permission denied. Since I could still back up my files I had planned to break the pool and format the drives and see if that would fix the permissions. During that process, I decided to give some of the other drives letters so I could directly see the data in the pooled drives. I was able to modify and make changes to the files leading me to
  3. Hello All, I have a pool, and i'm not sure if duplication was on, the default shows it was on in real time but the pie chart doesn't show any duplicated data. I found out that my image of my disk was corrupted (I believe) in my WHS. I am unable to restore the System Reserved partition as I get an exception Client restorewizard_fresh.exe - Application error The exception cannot continue Windows cannot continue from this exception. (0xc0000025) occurred in the application at the location 0x0052a297. Click on OK to terminate the program. I was able to sucessfully recover my
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