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Duplicating Drives - unusable for duplication


Hi everyone


I have a drive with 10TB of data duplicating with another empty drive in a Drivepool.


It's been transferring for a few days now, going between balancing and duplicating etc... Slowly filling up the second drive.


Now I've noticed approx 3.3TB of data is unusable for duplication in the pool.


Both drives are the same size (256TB CloudDrives), so there should be no shortage of storage space to duplicate.


Now I'm worried I've spent days of duplicating data, only for 1/3rd to not duplicate at all?


Will this fix itself as it continues to duplicate and balance? Or will it get to 6.7TB of data copied and stop?

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Basically, "unusable for duplication" space is computed based on the disks, balancing settings, and capacity.  


That said, over time, the "Duplication Space Optimizer" balancer should correct this (if possible).   It may take a while, but it should specifically rebalance the data to eliminate the "unusable for duplication" space, if possible. 

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