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Moving CloudDrive folder between providers?




Recent events have shown that Amazon Cloud Drive seems to be making some business decisions against third party apps and as a result may be changing their business plan for Cloud Drive as a hole. All my data is on ACD right now, and I'm looking to see if it's possible to move that to GDrive? I'd rather not have to download everything from ACD to GDrive, through StableBit, so I'm wondering if it's possible (using another method) to move the whole CloudDrive folder from ACD to GDrive without any faults?

Is this possible?


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Not supported, for the most part.


That said, because of the exact same concerns (and that at least THREE different apps have been banned by Amazon now), we've released a new beta build that includes a tool to convert a downloaded ACD drive to the local disk provider, allowing you to retain access to your data. 



As for moving between other providers .... nope.  Creating a drive on that provider, and then copying the data over from one drive to another would be the best bet (or allow StableBit DrivePool to do so). 

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Thanks for the reply, that's unfortunate, but I guess it'll have to do. The tool, I assume it's where you download the CloudDrive folder which then "converts" it to appear as a disk? What's the 3rd tool? I know of acd_cli, rclone but not the third, unless you're counting CloudDrive.

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I believe it was duplicati that was having issues (and possibly arq). Though that may have been intermittent issues. 


But to be blunt, it looks more and more like *anyone* storing files using a 3rd party program may run the risk of this. Especially if it encrypts or obfuscates the data in any way.



And yeah, the tool will be in "C:\Program Files\StableBit\CloudDrive\Tools\Convert".  And it's a command line only tool .



  1. Make sure to detach your Amazon Drive from StableBit CloudDrive first.
  2. Download the entire CloudPart... folder of your cloud drive from Amazon.
    • If you don't know the UID of your cloud drive, you can use Technical Details to get that information when the drive is attached.
  3. Unzip the AmazonDriveDownload.zip somewhere on your hard drive (make sure to preserve the folder structure).
  4. Run CloudDrive.Convert.exe on it. You will need to point it at the CloudPart... folder.
    For example:

    c:\Program Files\StableBit\CloudDrive\Tools\Convert>CloudDrive.Convert.exe AmazonDriveToLocalDisk "C:\Issues\27496\AmazonDriveDownload\CloudPart-530c6cfd-5a62-4988-a11b-6db1f336cf89"
  5. Once the conversion finishes, you will end up with a StableBit CloudDrive Data... folder at that location.
  6. Move the StableBit CloudDrive Data... folder to the root directory of a local drive that is connected in StableBit CloudDrive.
  7. Refresh the Local Disk provider connection and you should see your Amazon Cloud Drive listed.
  8. Attach and use it as any other cloud drive.
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