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Lost data




I am using the latest version of your software. I have a pool of 3 hard drives. All drives are in perfect health.

I moved one of the hard drives from a SATA3 port into an adjacent SATA2 port on my motherboard. My understanding is that since all data is stored on the hard drive(s), no data loss should happen, therefore I didn't remove it from the pool.


I am seeing MULTIPLE files missing from the pool drive.

What is going on here, and how do I fix this?

Where have the files gone?

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Open Disk Management, and make sure that all three disks are showing up, and showing up as "NTFS" volumes.  


If they are, make sure that STableBit DrivePool recognizes all of the disks (eg, they show up in the disk list). 


Also, just in case, try rebooting the system. 


If that doesn't help, then try downloading the beta build. There is a known directory enumeration error, where it doesn't list all of the contents. This beta fixes that issue, and may fix the issue with showing all of the files.


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If that is the case, then try checking the "O:\" drive directly. 


There should be a hidden "PoolPart.xxxxx" folder on the drive. This is where the software stores the pooled data, and the data "should" be in the same folder structure under this folder. 


If the data is there, then there is something going on here with our software and it's not showing it properly. 

However, if the data isn't there, then either the data was deleted by something, or there is a problem with the O:\ drive, (likely when it was moved). 


That said, if the file was deleted/lost and it wasn't duplicated, then you may want to run data recovery on the drive, and see if you can recover the data in question. 



Specifically, StableBit DrivePool should not delete data from the pool, unless it was deleted ON the pool.  If you or software you have running didn't delete the content, then this is likely a problem with the disk itself and not the software. 


In fact, when balancing and duplicating data, we use a ".COPYTEMP" extension on the destination file until it's moved/copied over, so that if something does happen (sudden power loss, pressing the reset button, etc), that the data is still intact. 

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Hello, performing a sector scan in R-Studio shows that data still exists on the drive, however not visible in PoolPart.xxxx directory. I see folders with no files in them and random files missing. It's like NTFS's MFT has been destroyed.



P.S. I don't suppose 2 hard drives having the same volume name plays role when moving SATA port ?

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It's entirely possible that this is MFT corruption...

Can you move it back to the SATA3 port and see if that fixes the issue? 


And no, the volume name, ID or other info should not cause this to occur, ever.  Most likely, this is a SATA controller issue, a loose connection, or damage when moving the drive? (If you physically moved it). 

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