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Duplication inconsistent / oplock error


Hi I am getting this error fairly regualary:


DrivePool.Service.exe Warning 0 [FileMover] Error moving '\\?\Volume{41ce706c-1314-4036-b613-3590fa3b4779}\PoolPart.072950e2-ce18-4826-afed-e909e33e248d\Video\HDHRDVR\20170421.log' to '\\?\Volume{f15253bb-e80e-4f98-8e8c-f9f4799eb8ac}\PoolPart.c8b4a9d7-e7d9-4da0-a43f-4cfde6d8bfb6\Video\HDHRDVR\20170421.log'. The oplock request is denied 2017-04-21 14:08:07Z 2449285212997


My drivepool is set up rather simply... Folder duplication for everything. wondering if there is a way to say don't duplicate log files in this folder? that would solve the issue.  the application in question is SiliconDusts HD PVR and the recordings are placed in the same folder as the log files. and I want the recordings duplicated :)

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These are normal.  Basically, the file is in use. 


disable whatever is locking the file, and then retry. 



that said, it sounds like it's trying to balance the files, rather than duplicating them, but it's hard to tell from just that. (though the "FileMover" is usually a balancing related task). 



And no, we don't support per file duplication status. Just per folder. 

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