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Scanner not performing automatic checks

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While looking into a disk that is indicating problems now, I noticed that none of my disks are indicating that they have been checked since at least late February.  I have the sacnner set to perform all the checks every 30 days, at any time of day, Mon-Fry. Any suggestions as to why this is happening? I was thinking of increasing the scan interval, but if it's no scanning at all, I need to resolve that first.


Version is Beta


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Make sure that the "Start / stop automatically" button is highlighted.


If that is, and it still hasn't scanned, and it's been more than 45 days, let me know.

Oh, my bad, I guess it wasn't highlighted.  I misread the states on the UI, I was reading greyed out = off, instead of unavailable, and I was reading brightly lit buttons were "On", and didn't realize on was another visual state (blue). UI is a rabbit hole to me, but I guess I think it might be nicer if the UI instead of saying "Start/stop" changed the text to say something like "Auto Scan" and "Manual Scan".  That's just me though. It does help with with accessibility too, vs using colors...

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