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FTP Providers


Just curious, has anyone had any success with the FTP / SFTP provider? It seems like you could probably get away with a cheap webhost + ftp access for less than what Amazon / Azure would charge for storage.




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I'm trying this out, and having a nightmare with it. I'm not savvy enough to watch what's going on and understand it, but, I think the provider is limiting the number of simultaneous connections, by IP address, not account.


I set an account specifically for Cloud Drive to use, with its own root folder.

While Cloud Drive is trying to upload, I cannot connect to the server, using any client, and any account.

While Cloud Drive is trying to upload, the data is uploading, but painfully slowly, and with many errors, both read and write, which always end up with the drive being automatically unmounted.

I have tried using SFTP on port 22, and also plain old FTP on port 21. Behaviour is the same on both.

I turned off 'write verification', but that didn't help either.


Is this something set by the host, with no way to skirt around in Cloud Drive settings?

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I connected to the FTP server using an FTP client, and downloaded the chunks folder in a single session at between 5 and 7 Mb/s.


I then opened an FTP server on localhost and re-authorised the drive. The 6 gigs in the upload cache 'uploaded' in a jiffy.

Currently moving files off the drive and will then change tack as this FTP approach did not go well for me here.

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