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  1. I believe this is related to how the "pool" actually forms. If I understand it correctly, drivepool reads the disk before the diskencryptor application (eg doesn't read through the program to get to the file system, it ties directly into the OS Kernel to read the NTFS / volume mounts directly). It then forms a synthetic disk over top of your real disk and a "fake" NTFS based volume while utilizing the underlying drive's file system. A possible work around is to use clouddrive's local disk provider, although it has it's own encryption. Clouddrive doesn't make a "fake" disk like drivepool does, and I believe this can work on a local disk + encryption software. If you were to create those drive it could be included in a pool and you could use that. @Christopher (Drashna) <--- this guy knows more and might be able to correct my assumptions.
  2. Maybe Acronis? Haven't used it in a while, but it works fairly well. We use ShadowProtect+Image Manager or Veeam (Hyper-V specific workloads). They both work and have retention policies.
  3. Hello all, Had a question about the "To Upload" cache on a local disk provider. I'm not familiar with how it works, but is it normal to have it hang around for a bit? I figured it would be a direct write through and not hit the caching system. I'm seeing 40GBs after writing 140GBs (rough numbers). Thank you Clay
  4. It should work, but I'm not an expert on advanced setups. That definitely looks like the manual way to make sure it works. May want to ping @Christopher (Drashna) to see if there are any known issues with building a pool on top of multiple pools that combine a HDD + Cloud drive.
  5. Not sure I understand the question, but I will try to answer what I can Where are you enabling duplication? Additionally, have you setup your plugins for balancing? I'm guessing you may need to review your pool balancing. https://stablebit.com/Support/DrivePool/2.X/Manual?Section=Balancing You can also look at doing "Hierarchical Pooling" so that you can replicate the entire pool up to your google drive. https://stablebit.com/Support/DrivePool/2.X/Manual?Section=Adding a Drive to the Pool / Creating a New Pool The second section should be the instructions on creating a hierarchical pool. ----Edit---- Just for clarification you should be able to create a pool with your local disks, then a cloud drive and then create a hierarchical pool with a duplication rule + balance between the drives. ---Edit 2--- This post may have better answers than me, it looks like they are doing the same sort of "backup" https://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/5362-backing-up-a-local-drivepool-using-clouddrive/
  6. ClayE

    FTP Providers

    Just curious, has anyone had any success with the FTP / SFTP provider? It seems like you could probably get away with a cheap webhost + ftp access for less than what Amazon / Azure would charge for storage. Thanks, Clay
  7. Christopher, It won't balance while the cloud drive is mounted or while it is writing to the chunks? Sorry, I was under the assumption that once the chunk had been written to the write lock was released, is that not so? Thank you, Clay
  8. Going to necro this thread with a question for Christopher: Is creating a Cloud drive on top of a drive pool supported? Would this then support the plex database and files (hardlinks)?
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