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  1. Currently have CloudDrive setup and was wanting to setup a backup schedule for local data. I also would need this backup software to remove old backups after a specific date. What are you currently using or would you suggest?
  2. I don't have scanner but I will make contact directly next time it happens.
  3. I just got done adding the drives to a different controller. I have enabled logging to capture anything if the problem comes back. We shall see.
  4. I am having this issue as well. I'm not sure where the problem is starting. I have removed two drives from my pool to keep them from "falling" out of the pool. I have two others that just started this same behavior. I thought it might be a compatibility issue with my drives and the storage controller but I have not seen the drives disappear altogether from device manager or disk manager in windows. I'm at a loss and really would love to hear from any solutions other users have had to this problem. edit: I wanted to add that I have not resized any partitions. no software has been added. no configuration changes have been made before the issue occurred.
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