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  1. Is it possible to disable scanning on cloud mounts automatically? Last thing I need is for the scan to cause me to hit the daily 750GB upload limit because I missed disabling "Never scan file system automatically" on a new cloud mount.
  2. Ah, didn't see the hierarchical pool manual which answers that. So just want to confirm if my setup (lots of initial manual setup but long term sounds safe) looks good. Main DrivePool -DrivePool Bay 1 Slot 1 *Pool File Duplication* --Bay 1 Slot 1 local drive --Bay 1 Slot 1 google drive mount -DrivePool Bay 1 Slot 2 *Pool File Duplication* --Bay 1 Slot 2 local drive --Bay 1 Slot 2 google drive mount -DrivePool Bay 1 Slot 3 *Pool File Duplication* --Bay 1 Slot 3 local drive --Bay 1 Slot 3 google drive mount -DrivePool Bay 1 Slot 4 *Pool File Duplication* --Bay 1 Slot 4 local drive --Bay 1 Slot 4 google drive mount -DrivePool Bay 2 Slot 1 *Pool File Duplication* --Bay 2 Slot 1 local drive --Bay 2 Slot 1 google drive mount -DrivePool Bay 2 Slot 2 *Pool File Duplication* --Bay 2 Slot 2 local drive --Bay 2 Slot 2 google drive mount -DrivePool Bay 2 Slot 3 *Pool File Duplication* --Bay 2 Slot 3 local drive --Bay 2 Slot 3 google drive mount -DrivePool Bay 2 Slot 4 *Pool File Duplication* --Bay 2 Slot 4 local drive --Bay 2 Slot 4 google drive mount etc for bay 3 and 4
  3. So originally I wanted to backup DrivePool to my Google Drive but when using CloudDrive and DrivePool and use duplication it would not duplicate to the cloud but other drives within DrivePool. So to try and resolve this what I did was create a DrivePool for each drive that has 1 local drive and 1 cloud drive then I combine all those into the main DrivePool so basically DrivePools within a DrivePool. Does anyone see any issue with this? I am slowly building out my environment so perfect time to mess around before I settle on the way I want it built out. I plan to have a 16 drive DrivePool.
  4. Hey, looking to purchase the bundle. Originally I was going to just buy DrivePool but then I tried using Backup & Sync which then didn't work and when I tried Scanner it flagged as the drive I was testing with had bad sectors. Since I am purchasing the bundle now what are the benefits of using CloudDrive over Backup & Sync?
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