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Windows explorer shows wrong drive size?



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You can only make a drive a maximum of 16TB with NTFS and Windows. If you need larger, you'll have to use ReFS or simply pool multiple 16TB drives using DrivePool. 


Incorrect.  However, the default allocation unit size (NTFS cluster size) does limit the drive to 16TBs. 


The default (4kb) cluster size has a limit of 16TBs per volume.
 8KB cluster limits you to 32TB
16KB cluster limits you to 64TB
32KB cluster limits you to 128TB
64KB cluster limits you to 256TB
To get past 256TB per volume/partition, you MUST use ReFS.  
That said, the maximum size that StableBit cloudDrive supports is 1PB (1024TB).  Anything larger than that, and the resource requirements start skyrocketing, IIRC. 
The problem is, there are only two ways to "fix" this issue, reformat the drive and use a larger cluster size, or just add more partitions. 


I get a cluster size error if I try that. How do I check the current cluster size in the GUI? Is the default 4kb? Am i stuck resizing it to 16TB then?



If you run a disk check (CHKDSK), it will show this in the information.


Otherwise, you have to do this via command line.

Run "fsutil fsinfo ntfsinfo x:", where "x:" is the drive in question.  Look for the "Bytes per cluster". 

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Ah, sorry. I didn't realize that could be changed. 

Not a problem.  


This is one of those "kind of hidden" limitations.  It's documented, but not *inside* of the OS itself. You ahve to look at MSDN/Technet to find this information. Or tinker and figure it out yourself. 


That said, changing this requires formatting (or partitioning tools). 

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This hidden issue kind of caught me off guard. Ive already transfered almost 10TB of data to gdrive, to just find out my 10TB drive is pretty much max Windows can see (with default drive creation settings Ive used). Is there a way to "migrate" already uploaded data, to a new drive I just created (at gdrive also ofcourse), thats ReFS and 100TB in size, without the need of reuploading it all again? Or any other solution to this issue?

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1 hour ago, Christopher (Drashna) said:

New drive.

Though, you can extend the drive in CloudDrive, and then add additional partitions to the drive, and pool those together. 

When do you set the cluster size? When you create the cloud drive?


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