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ACD Drive Suddenly "Destroyed"



Hi all,


I'm having a problem with a drive in CloudDrive suddenly being destroyed. I'll give you a bit of background on my setup and what happened to cause this, or at least what I think happened. I bought two licenses of CloudDrive, one for my "host" machine and one for a remote machine for uploading (since my upload on my host is very very slow). I initially tried detaching the cloud drive on the host machine so that I could attach it to the remote machine. I have done this countless times, typically with little problems. One of the main problems I do have when trying this is getting an error when trying to detach the drive stating "Invalid function" or "Permission Denied." This time, I was getting a permission denied. Typically this clears itself after a few minutes, but today it did not and I decided to forcefully detach the drive. I was sure that no files were being read, and proceeded.

I left for a bit and came back to try to attach the drive on the remote machine. However, it wouldn't attach, and would give an error "The given key was not present in the dictionary." I thought this was a bit odd, so i decided to click the little refresh icon beside the connection name. This is when CloudDrive showed that the drive was destroyed. It shows the drive, under the connection name, as "[Destroyed drive]". If I try to attach it, as the link is still there, I get the error "This drive has been partially deleted and cannot be attached."


I figured this may have been a bug in the version of CloudDrive I was using (802), so I updated to the latest (843 at this time) BETA and tried again. Unfortunately, I got the same error. If I go look in the CloudDrive folder in ACD, I can see the files do still appear to be there (about 55,000 files total).

Is there a way I can recover the files? I am tempted to delete the drive and recreate it hoping that the program uses the same folder on ACD and magically restore my files, but I feel like this won't work as I expect.

Any suggestions here? If you need any logs, please let me know.



EDIT: Looking through some of the other off-topic posts here made me think to look in my Trash folder on ACD. In that folder, I found two files (7d9b7002-b501-47c6-b093-081d8f6b396a-ATTACHMENT and 7d9b7002-b501-47c6-b093-081d8f6b396a-METADATA) that had been deleted around the time that the drive would have been detached. I restored these files and refreshed the connection. The drive was no longer considered corrupted, and I was able to attach it. It took about 15 minutes to attach (I feel like it was reading all the data in the drive), but eventfully it did and it's back up now.

I would like to provide any assistance I can to help replicate this to see if it's a bug or not.

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If the "METADATA" folder disappeared, this would cause this to occur. 


If you could,  run this:



This will collect all of the relevant logs, so we can take a look at the issue.



Also, try "reauthorizing" the drive.

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