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[Feature Request] - Drive Removal - Specify Target Drives


When removing a drive can we have the option to specify which drive(s) to put the data on and/or which drive(s) not to put the data on - obviously DP gives us a list of options based on space and duplicated data restrictions etc.


Reason being i am splitting my pool and the first drive i am removing is mainly moving its data onto another drive that i also want to remove - so getting double or more handling of the same files!!!!

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Well, you can actually already do this with the balancing settings. 


Specifically, I would recommend using the "Drive Usage Limiter" balancer. Uncheck the "duplicated" and "unduplicated" option for all of the drives that you want to remove (or that you have free space to).


I do this specifically to "prep" the drives for removal. 

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