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Samsung 850 Evo - Temperature

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I have two Samsung 850 Evo 256GB drives which the main scanner interface is reporting temps as 40c where as the Smart info is reporting 20c


Bitflock ID: W8K304UB 


whats odd is both have same bitflock id - thought this was per disk id?? Actually all my disks are showing the same ID??????


and Scanner is not pulling down any Manufacture Smart Info - possible because its confused with all disks having the same id???


It used to be fine not sure whats changed on 3122 beta and have been for a while



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ah ok the id for bitflock is for your nest! - thought it was per disk


so that brings another question how do you get access to your nest as its setup automatically by scanner and you dont have the password???


still not getting any manufacturer data?

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Sorry for the delay!


Yeah, the BitFlock ID is per system, so it will be the same for all of the disks. 


As for the temperature, there are a couple of methods that are used to query for it. And it may be that one of these isn't getting the same data. 


If you enable "Smart" "NoWmi" in the advanced settings, it may fix the issue outright. 





As for the BitFlock nest, in that case, the data isn't accessible. Well, to you at least.  With the ID, we can still go and check in on it. Which means it's mostly useful for diagnostics. Which is primarily what it's used for.


However, you may be able to run the standalone bitlock app to generate a Nest ID and password for the system, if you want 

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For the manufacturer data, in theory, it shouldn't be needed.  We have specific "rules" for some drives because their manufacturer is not using the standard formatting for the SMART data. In this case, we have to interpret the information that we're given back.


So basically, if it's using a non-manufacturer specific rule, then the firmware isn't "tweaking" the code.  

(or it's a drive we haven't dealt with yet). 

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