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Any chance of a Synology package?

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This depends on the Synology box.


I'm assuming that you're referring to the consumer grade boxes, that are using the Synology DSM operating system.

If so, then this is actually using a distro of Linux. This would require porting over all of the code.

Additionally, because the DSM OS uses a form of RAID, we may not be able to get the disk information anyways.

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Sure, I understand the porting issue. You'd be surprised however at how much of the standard linux tools these NAS OS's use so I doubt you'd have a problem in getting the SMART info. Most of the platforms already do it as part of their own disk maintenance. 

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Well, the problem isn't getting the SMART data. In fact, that would probably be the easiest part.

The hard part would be rewriting all the drive identification code, as well as the disk parser (what is used to do the surface scan) and the NTFS parser (what does the file recovery), and making sure it works on a "*NIX" based OS. 

This isn't a small task, and would require a LOT of rewriting, or writing of band new code. As well as extensive testing to make sure it works right.


As I said, while this seems like a simple request, it is a very involved process.

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