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Need help - I think my pool is no longer functional (might be ok now)



I'm having serious issues with my pool since trying to move to Server 2016.  I should have not bothered as I had working server but I guess hate myself.  The worse that could happen though has occurred.  Drive Pool does not work properly anymore.  I'm now back on 2012 after an image restore but nothing has been fixed.   There are some serious issues going on at the moment...


1)  It looks like paths are not correct anymore across the drives.  


      a )  If I check the folder size at a parent folder, it will be reported incorrectly.  If I go into the folder its fine

      b )  Network shares are not displaying correctly.  For example, a videos share should show 5 folders but it's only showing 1 folder.  This folder itself should have many folders within but that also has one folder



2)  I cannot move files from the pool


3)  It's not clear to me what Drive Pool needs to do after an install - does it need to go through a process of rebuilding?  It seems to be calculating at the moment but taking a long time.   I don't care if it takes a day and it works but it's not clear to me what I should expect.  If the expectation is that I can't do anything with the folders (that seems to be the case), that probably should be a warning in the app.  Even better would be some sort of indication that it's actually going through some process - % count down etc.


I don't know what to do 


UPDATE - I think it might be ok.  This was likely due to just not understanding what actually happens when switching / upgrading the OS.  The drives might have been just busy but would be great if someone can comment

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Okay, pretty sure I answered both of your posts in a ticket, but that's fine. 


  1. There are three potential causes for this: 
    1. NTFS Permissions. If not set correctly, could cause this to happen.  If you want to, you can reset these by doing this: http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_Q5510455
    2. There is a directory enumeration bug in StableBit DrivePool that can cause this.  This has been corrected in the latest builds. Please try this version, and see if it helps:
    3. Sometimes, the file share caching can cause issues:
  2. This sounds like it may be an issue with one of the underlying disks.  If one or more of the disks is taking too long to access files, it will cause this issue to occur on the pool itself, and anything accessing the pool. 

    However, if this continues on the beta build (linked above), then please enable file system logging, and reproduce:
  3. (Same as above). 
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