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Web Proxy Issue




  I'm having a problem where CloudDrive insists on passing data through a web proxy on my network rather than directly.


  I thought it might have been looking at the proxy settings in the Internet Properties but as attached it's all unset.


  On my network a WPAD file is delivered through DHCP option 252.


Any ideas?


Thanks guys




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Just to follow up; the problem here is that the CloudDrive Service is running as Local System or Service - I can't remember which


I guess since that's technically a different user the proxy settings on my user aren't looked at


Forcing the service to run under my user account did the trick, it's now working with direct connectivity.


Can we get an option in the app to tell it to ignore any proxy settings that it's auto detecting?



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That's ... really odd.


it runs under "local system" specifically.  


And changing the user account would theoretically fix that.  


That said, you may be able to "fix" the issue:




And flagged:


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