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How can I force DrivePool to NOT fill space on a drive?


I'm using drive pool for storing a number of media files.  I use a plug-in to fill each drive in order, before moving on to the next, and when a drive is full I make a copy of it and put it in off-site storage.


I'm looking for some way to ensure that if I delete a file (ie: a bad copy of a movie, or e-book) from a disk that I've already created the off-site storage for ... that it doesn't fill that now empty space with a new file (if it does, that file will never get backed up off-site).


Is there a switch or plug-in that would make this happen?


Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


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You will need to manually manage this. 


In DP you can go in the Balancer settings and under placement Filter, you can choose what data goes where and if it is duplicated data, unduplicated data or both. You can simply remove the checkbox on both and DP will not put data on that drive. But as i said, you will need to manually manage this.

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