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  1. I'm using drive pool for storing a number of media files. I use a plug-in to fill each drive in order, before moving on to the next, and when a drive is full I make a copy of it and put it in off-site storage. I'm looking for some way to ensure that if I delete a file (ie: a bad copy of a movie, or e-book) from a disk that I've already created the off-site storage for ... that it doesn't fill that now empty space with a new file (if it does, that file will never get backed up off-site). Is there a switch or plug-in that would make this happen? Thanks in advance for any help you ca
  2. As an update, the plug-in is WORKING correctly and filling disks as specified (ie: 98% of the 2TB drive). It's also showing the free space correctly, once it gets below 1TB remaining. It appears to be a problem in the display of information only in the plug-in screen.
  3. Both disks are 2TB Western Digital Caviar Green drives .. one is an EADS and the other is an EZRX. There are showing in DrivePool as 2TB drives with 1.82TB available (which is correct), but show in the Ordered File Placement plugin as 1.0TB drives. Just checked and the plug-in is showing 882GB free, when 981GB have been transferred to the drive and it seems to still be writing to the first disk. So it may actually be working correctly, just showing the total size incorrectly. Will update when it crosses the boundary and needs to start writing files to the second drive. Uploading
  4. Has this been fixed? (I assume not as I've just downloaded the latest version of the plug-in and I'm getting the same issue ... 2TB drives showing as 1TB, using Windows 8.1 64bit). Is there anything else I can do to ensure that the files are placed on 1 drive until it's full and then move to the next drive, while I disable this plug-in? If it's only going to fill to 1TB that makes it useless for my purposes.
  5. I'm not expecting to have the hot-swap drive as part of the Pool ... and I agree that the SyncToy isn't going to work for what I'm contemplating. I think I'll setup the system to fill one drive at a time to 95%, and then when it flips over to the new drive just copy that first one (copying the hidden folder that contains all the files in the pool) to the hot-swap for storage. Since the drives won't have any R/W data (it's only media) I shouldn't have any update issues and drives that have been archived will always stay "current".
  6. What I'd like to be able to do is create a single pool for all my media using multiple drives (that will be extended over time by adding additional drives). I would like to to be able to copy any file added to these drives to a hot-swap drive as well, that can be removed when full for offsite storage. Will DrivePool handle this OOB? Right now I'm considering using the plug-in that allows me to fill one drive at a time, and then just copying the contents of that drive to the hot-swap when it fills ... but that seems less elegant than it should. Any assistance would be appreciated.
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