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Snapraid + Drivepool vs. Just Drive Pool


Hello All,


I have an opinion question to ask the forum. For years I have been using Drivepool for pooling, and snapraid for protecting myself against drive failure.


I am currently running into an unknown issue with snapraid, where my sync command gets stuck at 0%, which I am unable to figure out.


That leads me to a point where I am questioning whether I need snapraid. Since I have Scanner along with Drivepool, I am wondering if the evacuation functionality in Scanner can protect me against the drive failures. Essentially if I always ensure that I have at least the capacity of one drive of free space available in my Drivepool I would survive one drive failure.


Currently I am running 6 data drives in the pool, along with 2 drives for parity. If I were to just add the parity drives to the pool I would have more than 2 drives worth of "free capacity" for scanner to evacuate to if there was a drive failure.


While snapraid has serve me well, and allowed me to recover files, just leveraging scanner / Drivepool could simplify my setup slightly.


Just wanted to get the communities thoughts on this.


Thanks in advance

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DP + Scanner will not protect you against drive failure. Scanner, you can say, is a warning system and will execute the evacuate command if possible but if your drive just dies or your catch the problem too late, Snapraid will be your savior. I have your setup and snapraid did cause me issues when i had replaced a few drives. I just ended up deleting the parity content and starting fresh

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Saitoh is right.  The StableBit Scanner balancer won't necessarily protect you against data loss.  It's more like an "SOS".  The software knows that disk is having issues and it's trying to rescue all of the data that it can before it sinks.  


SnapRAID is snapshot parity protection, so it may be able to recover the data from the drive, from before the failure. 


As for the getting stuck at 0%, I'd say run a manual CHKDSK pass on all of the disks in the system.

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