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      Getting Help   11/07/17

      If you're experiencing problems with the software, the best way to get ahold of us is to head to https://stablebit.com/Contact, especially if this is a licensing issue.    Issues submitted there are checked first, and handled more aggressively. So, especially if the problem is urgent, please head over there first. 
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Currently issues with Google Drive?


Are any of you having problems with your Stablebit drives on Google Drive?  I have two Google Drive accounts that I use Stablebit on and all of my drives from one of my accounts aren't working correctly.  They are mounted but only random files will stream and some will play but quit after a minute or two as if they are corrupt.  When I try to download any of the files, the stablebit threads shoot to 40+ and the 5+ GB downloads finish in 5 seconds and the downloaded file is corrupt.  All of the drives on my other Google Drive account are working like normal.  This just started happening about an hour ago.


EDIT: I just checked the service log and I am getting a bunch of these errors:


20:49:57.4: Warning: 0 : [OAuth2TokenBase:29275794] HttpProtocolException refreshing token. HTTP Status BadRequest

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