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Feature Request: DrivePool UI integration suggestions + Scanner "never warn for this disk" option



It would be nice if there was a context option in DrivePool for a particular drive to "open in Scanner". I often find myself hovering over a disk in DP to note the model and disk serial number, and then trying to find that drive in Scanner. If there was a way to directly jump from one to the other it would be a nice convenience.


Another UI-integration thing that would be useful would be if DrivePool reflected any 'custom names' I set for a disk in Scanner. In Scanner, I will change disk names to stuff like "DAMAGED. Not in Pool. Ready for removal." (because I often evacuate disks remotely, and I'm lazy and don't always get around to physically pulling the disks for some time). In Drivepool, I don't see those custom names when I hover over disks, and it would be helpful if I could.


Finally, along the line of being lazy, it would be nice if there was an option in Scanner to "never warn for this disk again". Ie, to instruct Scanner that I know that a drive is wrecked, and to mark it as such, and not warn me about it again. There are options to "not scan" a disk, but in the popup Scanner smart status warnings, the only option seems to be to "never warn me about disks with unreadable data". I do want to be warned, though - just not about that particular disk.

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"open in scanner" request:



As for the second request, that's a bit more complicated.  In StableBit DrivePool, we're pulling the volume label, and displaying that. So you could change the volume label, and it will be reflected. 

In StableBit Scanner, we display the disk name, as it shows up in the Device Manager, basically.   

So these are two very different values.  However, I'm sure we could figure something out. 




As for the last, when a SMART warning does come up, we do have the option to "permanently ignore" the settings that are flagged.  Though, this is more of a reactionary action, rather than a setting. 


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