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I uploaded the wrong folder to my drive, so I went ahead and deleted it but CloudDrive was still busy uploading all the remaining files (~18GB) I copied over.

Is there any way to cancel this, by deleting the upload cache for example?


When detaching the drive it gives the error that I'm busy uploading so that isn't really an option.


Thanks in advance

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Even if you delete the files/folders, the data has still be changed. 


NTFS doesn't actually scrub the data when you delete it. It just tells the file allocation table that "this file no longer exists", but the actual data is untouched. 

This is actually how data recovery programs are able to recover your files. 



The same thing is true for StableBit CloudDrive. We don't add any extra handling here (though it is possible that we may do so in the future).  So that changed data is still be uploaded, but it also can be recovered with normal data recovery tools. 

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