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Memory leak (Mapped File shown by RAMMAP)



I have noticed that after some time performance of my system drops dramatically.  I have a fairly beefy server with 16 CPU cores and 90GB RAM, and from task manager it looked like I was using a total of only15GB RAM.  There is also very little CPU usage and not much disk activity when this slowdown is occurring.  I couldn't figure out what was going on and why the system became so sluggish.


I stumbled across RAMMAP from Sysinternals and found that all of my RAM was being used for Mapped File and these were all due to the cloudpart files used by CloudDrive.


here is the Sysinternals page for RAMMAP https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/rammap.aspx


Here is my screenshot showing all the RAM allocated to Mapped File 





Here is the screenshot showing the file summary and that all the RAM is used for cloudpart files




Is this expected?  Is anyone else experiencing this issue?  I have also updated to the latest beta (777) and still have the same issue.  


Also, here is Task Manager showing only 15GB RAM used




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I'll have to run RAMMAP next time to see if this is the cause for me but I experience the same issues after a week or so of uptime and lots of uploading.  Server slowed to a crawl while showing very little of my RAM in use.  Then I reboot and everything is snappy again.

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