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  1. I feel this is the biggest issue with the product. The drive dismounting is such a pain.
  2. I have noticed that after some time performance of my system drops dramatically. I have a fairly beefy server with 16 CPU cores and 90GB RAM, and from task manager it looked like I was using a total of only15GB RAM. There is also very little CPU usage and not much disk activity when this slowdown is occurring. I couldn't figure out what was going on and why the system became so sluggish. I stumbled across RAMMAP from Sysinternals and found that all of my RAM was being used for Mapped File and these were all due to the cloudpart files used by CloudDrive. here is the Sysinternals page for RAMMAP https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/rammap.aspx Here is my screenshot showing all the RAM allocated to Mapped File Here is the screenshot showing the file summary and that all the RAM is used for cloudpart files Is this expected? Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I have also updated to the latest beta (777) and still have the same issue. Also, here is Task Manager showing only 15GB RAM used
  3. I was able to get this issue resolved. It turns out that I had some sort of corruption on the clouddrive volume that caused the poolparts to not be seen properly. I had to run chkdsk several times to get it all fixed and wound up losing a bit of data.
  4. A strange thing happened to my Drivepool. One of the cloud drives I was using fell out of the Drivepool somehow. I noticed it was missing after a reboot. The drive was sitting in the "Non-Pooled" section and so I clicked the + Add button and it was back in the pool. The problem is that all the poolparts on this volume are now no longer included in the overall Drivepool. Is there anything I can do to have Drivepool re-scan this data and bring it back into the pool? Thanks for the help.
  5. I have attached a similar screenshot to the one that @Tell provided local cache is set to fixed size 50GB, size on disk is 697GB.
  6. I have this same issue with local cache filling up several of my 1TB SSD drives and also overflowing onto other 4TB drives in my server. how do I restrict the cache size to the value I have set under performance --> set cache size (i have selected 'fixed" btw).
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