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Safe to rename Member Drives?


I'm running Drivepool on Server 2012 r2 and as I have a lot (more than 26 so far) of member drives, I'm not using drive letters for them.  I'm only using a drive letter for the pool drive and using volume names to track the drive locations in my server drive bays.  Unfortunately, I realized that I've misnamed a few of the member drives in the pool and I'd like to rename them before the problem cascades further. 




1) How is Drivepool referencing the member drives if not by drive letter?  Is it using the member volume names?


2) If I change the member volume name will drivepool recover from this cleanly or will it loose track of the member?    Should I stop the drivepool service before trying this and hope that drivepool will find the member drive with a new volume name?


Hoping there's a simple solution to this that won't require me to completely rebuild the pool. 




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No issue with changing things. 


  1. StableBit DrivePool uses the Volume ID (a GUID string) to identify the drives. This doesn't change ever, unless you manually change it (requires command line to do so, IIRC). And we use the "PoolPart.xxxxx" to ID a specfic 
  2. You can change the volume label and the drive letter all you want. No issues with doing so. It may take a minute or two for the software to pickup the change, but otherwise, no issues with doing so. 


I've changed the labels and folder mount points for the drives on my system a lot.  It handles it gracefully. 


The Volume ID that we use can be seen by running "mountvol".  

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