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  1. I'm running Drivepool on Server 2012 r2 and as I have a lot (more than 26 so far) of member drives, I'm not using drive letters for them. I'm only using a drive letter for the pool drive and using volume names to track the drive locations in my server drive bays. Unfortunately, I realized that I've misnamed a few of the member drives in the pool and I'd like to rename them before the problem cascades further. Questions: 1) How is Drivepool referencing the member drives if not by drive letter? Is it using the member volume names? 2) If I change the member volume name will drivep
  2. I am running DrivePool V2.1.1.561 on WS 2012 R2 with an admittedly very large pool of 246 TB that is almost completely full (2.91 TB of Free Space). I use the pool as a long-term online archive of producton work and for syncback se as storage to keep temporary current backups of production servers. I'm experiencing an issue where deleting files from the pool results in no returned space. I've manually deleted several terabytes of folders, but the free space in the pool remains at 2.91 TB. Windows recycle bin reports no files to recycle, but recycle bins in the PoolPart folder on the in
  3. Has there been any development for support of REFS in Server 2012 R2? Drivebender has support for REFS (it's in their published FAQS), but I'd rather use Drive Pool since I'm already familiar with it on WHS 2011. Also, are there any limits on Pool Size with Drive Pool? I'm planning to build an archive server that theoretically could grow to petabyte size over time.
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