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Server 2012 - Could not specify Folder. Access denied




I changed my System from WHS 2011 to Windows Server 2012.


In the first days i set the drivepool to duplicate some folders, and now i get this notification.


I just dont know what i have to change to get the access back.


After the OS change i had to change the folder security settings. 

Maybe i deleted something which is needed from drivepool?



regards peter


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It sounds like you may have removed or altered the "SYSTEM" permissions. This account need to have FULL access for DrivePool to work properly. Make sure it's set that way, and then retry.



If that doesn't help, you man need to reset the permissions on the pool:


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Glad to hear it.


And yes, the SYSTEM "account" is the one account that is *REALLY* important. Not only does Windows use it for most of it's built in stuff (like chkdsk, or lets say, the client backup service for WHS), but it's also the account we use for our services. That means if the SYSTEM account doesn't have access, then we can't duplicate or balance the files.


Oh, and NTFS Permissions can definitely be confusing and irritating. That's why the WHS dashboard does all of that stuff for you. Otherwise, it can be a real nightmare to do yourself! As you've seen. :)

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