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  1. Hello together! After working absolutely problem-free for several years, my Drivepool has some problems. Among other things, I constantly get the error message 'Ensure file duplication consistency'. Furthermore, I have the problem that I can not delete some old folders - can it be that the 2 problems related? can someone help me please? :) Do you need any data from me? Log files or similar ?? Best wishes from Austria
  2. Hello! I've tried using Acronis 11.5 to make a backup from a drivepool folder. But this does not work, error messages constantly. What can I do to make acronis work? Backup from drive C works without error. regards peter
  3. OK, i gave permissen for "SYSTEM" to each folder in the drivepool, but not to the 'ServerFolders'. I reset the SYSTEMpermissions and now everything works fine again. Thank you drashna!
  4. Hello! I changed my System from WHS 2011 to Windows Server 2012. In the first days i set the drivepool to duplicate some folders, and now i get this notification. I just dont know what i have to change to get the access back. After the OS change i had to change the folder security settings. Maybe i deleted something which is needed from drivepool? regards peter
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