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New drive has permanent "temperature equalization"



I got a new Samsung SSD 850 EVO 1TB.  It does not scan, instead it says "Waiting to scan (temperature equalization)".  It has been in that state for hours.


When I look at SMART, it shows:


- It is running at 89F.  

- Life Maximum:104F (Operating limit 158F, Physical damage limit: 158F)

- Life Minimum: 104F (Operating limit 32F, Physical damage limit: 32F)


- All the other attributes have a green check mark.


I submitted to BitFlock.com for analysis (ID: 7DNPDPHZ)


By reading other threads I also found the "suggested solution" to set the "Override maximum temperature", which I set to 155F.  No change observed, it still won't scan.


Not sure what else to try.  Any help will be welcome.

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what are the temps of the other drives - if its higher than them it will prevent it running - as its an option to not over stress drives - so if another drive (subject to the temp differnence threshold) is cooler it will swap to that - and (speculating) wait for the temp to drop on the drive in question - which might be the issue - or some combination so....


or turn off the option to enable 


or manually force it to scan


or just ignore and it will do it eventually :)

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