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What the heck is Drivepool doing??


I removed a disk from a server that was part of a now defunct pool. I put it in another server and immediately format it. i verify it's empty. then I open Drivepool to add this disk to the current pool and it doesn't show up under available disks. drivepool is "checking". I then look at the disk again and it has a poolpart file on it. This disk has never been a part of this pool and was reformated so why the heck is Drivepool even monkeying with this disk at all??


OK, "checking is completed and said drive isn't showing anywhere in Drivepool. Windows sees it just fine and the disk is in perfect health. So, my question are -


1. Why the heck did Drivepool put a diskpart file on this drive (size is 0KB) ?

2. Why is this drive not showing up in Drivepool ??



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It sounds like you didn't remove the disk from the pool via the UI and just pulled it?


If so, then what you describe may be normal, as the software does track the Volume ID of "known pooled disks". 


Deleting the partition and recreating it will change that Volume ID though. 

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