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Wrong SSD size report in DrivePool



Hey there guys,

I'm having sort of a weird issue.

I added 2 nvmes as cache to my pool, all working well. However, over time, the total displayed size of those SSDs increases (randomly?). Today it was showing ~1.5TB for each drive as total size, which is impossible and was only solved by removing the drives and re-adding them. It's growing steadily and I don't know why (Or if this even is more than just a cosmetic problem). File sizes have always been reported correctly by Windows/Explorer/Diskmanager, so that cannot be the culprit I suppose.

Please see the screenshots for illustration:





You can see, that the total size of the disks is already exceed, growing steadily every hour.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

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Are you using sparsely allocated files (e.g. bittorrent)? Those can confuse DrivePool (or at least have done so in the past, might still affect current version). NTFS compression is another possible culprit if it's in use. Or is the disk space growing without any actual drive activity?

Does the Manage Pool -> Re-measure... tool correct the problem? (permanently? temporarily?)

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Hey there Shane,

thank you for the helping hand!

You're right, re-measuring the entire pool solves the issue, but I presume this is only temporarily, but I didn't think of testing this yet. But now the sizes for the 2 disks are shown correctly again, which is much easier than having them removed/re-added once a day :D

Neither using NTFS compression, nor bittorrent (I don't even know what this is), so I don't think this is causing this.

Now we've found a way to trigger a correction, but how do I prevent this from happening in the first place in the future?

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