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Not Starting Automatically


Hey all! I'm using both DrivePool and Scanner. They're both generally working well but there's one problem with Scanner: Even when it's set to start/stop automatically, it isn't. The latest scans on all my drives are from late September, when I first started using it. I also recently replaced a drive in my pool and it never started scanning until I manually clicked the Start button and now it's running. I'm largely using the default scanner settings and I'm on Windows 10 Pro x64. Any ideas? Thanks!


EDIT: Hmm, interestingly, it seems to be fixed now. It was set to only do the scans between midnight and 6am, which should have been fine as this is a home server that's always on. However, I don't care when it scans so I set it to do it any time. Then it automatically started right away. We'll see if this sticks. Thanks!

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Well, this looks to be a StableBit Scanner issue, not StableBit DrivePool (the forum you posted it into initially). 

That's not a problem though. 


As for the starting automatically, make sure the "Start / Stop Automatically" button in the toolbar is highlighted.  If it isn't, click on it. 



From there, click on the "Settings" button next to that. Open the "Scanner Settings" option. 

This should open a window and list some settings. 



If you select the "Server" option in the quick settings (when you first installed it), it is set to only scan between 3AM and 6AM, unless it's 14 days past the normal threshold (so, it will scan outside of that if it is 45 days since the last scan).

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