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Pushover returning 400 Bad Request

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I tried setting up Pushover today and when I try to test, it give me a message saying "The test Pushover notification could not be sent.  The remote server returned an error: 400 Bad request".  I triple checked my user key and it is correct.  I also sent a test from the Pushover site and that worked.


Just curious if this is supposed to work or if it's currently broken.



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It's fixed in the latest build, actually.






Specifically, they changed their API in a way that was not backwards compatible, IIRC.

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I'm confused ... the beta on the website is a lower version than the one you posted and this "beta" has still not been released after almost a year.  Is development still going on?



It's an internal beta, meaning that it doesn't have as much testing as the public beta.  



And yes, development is continuing.  We plan to have a StableBit DrivePool release out soon, and then after that, we will be focusing on StableBit Scanner release.

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