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Running SMART on more than one disk on same controller





I have been running two disks at the same time on the same controller as we discussed last night


Have noticed some odd behaviour






if you look closely at the bottom profiles you will see that scanner is alternating between disks - although it favours Disk 1 slightly more than Disk 2 - Disk 1 started first and within a few seconds Disk 2


Disk 1 has finished and Disk 2 is about 45 mins behind - again odd as same type of disks and normally show very similar performance


Also the "Active Time" graphs are odd as its saying the disk is 98%-100% when clearly its not - because when a disk is 100% active scanner is not reading any data?


Accept some of this might be MS but overall a bit odd





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ugh, ignore.


Seriously, just ignore.  The "disk usage" here means LITERALLY NOTHING.  Since there isn't a set "max" for the drives, this is based on a window of time.  You can have 10kB/s of activity and it will register as 100%.  I've seen it do that. 


If you want to check performance, then check StableBit Scanner.  Right click on the column header and enable "Performance" and "Disk Queues".  Performance is the actual speed the disk activity is running at... and the Disk Queue is the number of "outstanding I/O requests" (this shouldn't exceed 2 per disk platter in the drive, depending on the disk,  but any number is fine for SSDs, as long as it's not sitting at that number of a long period of time). 

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Yup.  you'd be amazed at the number of times you'll see this posted on tech support forums.... "My disk is running at 100%".... while it's doing next to nothing. 


Go Microsoft.....





Like I said, actual activity and disk queues are the best way to tell how active the disk is.

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