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StableBit CloudDrive crashed & mounting no longer possible



Hi Covecube,


I use StableBit CloudDrive a lot and I really like the tool.


Today I encountered problems because my local drive was full, there was no single megabyte storage left.

I restarted the computer and then problems began. 

CloudDrive can no longer mount the cloud drives, when it tries to mount, it downloads a few bytes into the cache before it resets to 0 bytes cache + saved.

The software no longer works.


One clouddrive of mine still had a lot of files to upload to Google Drive, so it would be a pity if those are lost.


What can I do and how you can help me?


- Calvin

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To clarify, the cache drive that you're using is completely full? 


TO make sure, you're using version or higher, correct? 


If so, try clearing other disk space on that drive.  If it's the windows disk, then try running the disk cleanup and clearing the system temp files. 

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There seems to be a bug, when the drive is full and you remove files on the cache drive to clean up space, StableBit CloudDrive keeps acting like there is no disk space (even after a restart). I expanded the cache drive (because that is a virtual drive with VMWare), that solved the problem. 

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