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  1. Same issue here, I responded to my original ticket.
  2. I am having similar issues. For some reason, a folder on my drive containing 2TB of data has gone corrupt. The build-in Windows disk check tool didn't do anything to solve the problem. After updating to .819 the drive appeared as RAW in Disk Management in Windows and is no longer accessible from Windows Explorer. What's happening
  3. @Christopher Could you add an option (per drive) which forces CloudDrive to keep the disk mounted (with drive letter), because dismounting breaks other applications. I understand that Windows may slow down significantly if the cloud provider does not respond to requests, but it's worse if you have to re-check a torrent of 1 TB because the disk just unmounted..
  4. The BSODs only happen since the version which included the new Drive API keys. Nevertheless, I will perform a memtest
  5. Done, uploaded it as MEMORY_user_calvinturbo_1.zip and MEMORY_user_calvinturbo_2.zip (two PCs with the same build and reboots)
  6. Hi there, I am using StableBit CloudDrive BETA with Google Drive as provider. There is heavy disk traffic to the Google Drive mounted drive. For example, I let qBittorrent check a torrent of 100GB. This results in a automatic Windows restart (probably a BSOD) every few hours with Windows showing an error after logging in that the OS crashed. Information: Windows Server 2012 R2 StableBit CloudDrive BETA 1 Gbit/s uplink (Hetzner DC) Google Drive business account - Calvin PS: This seems to happen:
  7. Hi there, I have been using StableBit CloudDrive for around a month on a dedicated server. The upload speed is always between 0 and 200 Mbit/s per drive with an average of 150 Mbit/s. Since build BETA the download speed maxes out on 10 Mbit/s which results in stuttering videos with PLEX and extremely slow copying. The number of threads doesn't seem to matter, I tried 2, but I also tried 5, 10 and 20. I also tried another Google account, but that also doesn't help. I tried both a drive block size of 10 and 20MB, but it really seems to be a bug with the software, because changing settings doesn't help a bit, the download speed does not improve. - Calvin
  8. There seems to be a bug, when the drive is full and you remove files on the cache drive to clean up space, StableBit CloudDrive keeps acting like there is no disk space (even after a restart). I expanded the cache drive (because that is a virtual drive with VMWare), that solved the problem.
  9. Hi Covecube, I use StableBit CloudDrive a lot and I really like the tool. Today I encountered problems because my local drive was full, there was no single megabyte storage left. I restarted the computer and then problems began. CloudDrive can no longer mount the cloud drives, when it tries to mount, it downloads a few bytes into the cache before it resets to 0 bytes cache + saved. The software no longer works. One clouddrive of mine still had a lot of files to upload to Google Drive, so it would be a pity if those are lost. What can I do and how you can help me? - Calvin
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