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Pool folders not pooled?! and licence keeps being forgotten


Hi all. New user.  Please see the attached screenshot.  My pooled folders were setup as in the setup guide on line, all went to plan I think.  Now they appear listed as 'no' in pooled column and my licence keeps disappearing in drivepool (not stablebit scanner weirdly)


Any one come across this oddness, bit worried I am about to lose my pool!





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That's definitely odd. 


Would you mind getting a memory dump of the dashboard, and the "DrivePool.Service.exe" process and uploading them to us?


(there is a box.net upload link at the bottom of that page).


After that, try resetting the settings for DrivePool, and that should resolve the issue. Though, you'll need to activate one more time.





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Done.  Strange thing now they state pooled!  Sorry if this is a wild goose hunt :)


The weird thing now, in the bottom box there is a yellow and white striped moving bar that says Pool Condition.  After it is the wording Duplicating... (5.3%) even though currently I have no duplication set.


Do you recommend leaving or should I do the reset you mention?


Thanks very much for your help here and at WGS the other day, have yet to reply there but will :)

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Well, that may have been just a temporary glitch. If it comes back, then let us know.



As for the duplication, it does check periodically to make sure that everything is duplicated (or not) properly. And if you reset the settings, it will need to recheck that. So that should be okay.


If this takes an excessively long time (like a day or more), and you don't have a *lot* of files (like hundreds of thousands, of images for example), then something may definitely be "up". If  this is the case, then you'll want to do this:


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