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  1. noodle

    Permission issues

    Thanks guys, I'd overlooked that, was a late night last night haha. This got rid of some issues. The rest appear to be files that don't exist, maybe I have done as the poster linked above and copied tombstones instead of files? I don't see where or how but this is life. Once the bad version in the pool is removed, the other remaining intact one works so just a matter of slogging though them. Am trying now to cut and paste a batch of folders/files to a new location on another non pooled drive from each pool drive, the bad file then appears to be dumped. Not sure this makes
  2. noodle

    Permission issues

    As in this old post http://forum.covecube.com/discussion/700/permission-issues-on-new-server-after-migration-from-whsv1/p1 Am having huge headaches with files not being readable. I am completely confused, have tried the cmd prompt in that link but nothing says success or failure and when I search for the output file, it is not found. An ideas on how to get these old whs v1 files readable? Thanks very much
  3. Done. Strange thing now they state pooled! Sorry if this is a wild goose hunt The weird thing now, in the bottom box there is a yellow and white striped moving bar that says Pool Condition. After it is the wording Duplicating... (5.3%) even though currently I have no duplication set. Do you recommend leaving or should I do the reset you mention? Thanks very much for your help here and at WGS the other day, have yet to reply there but will
  4. Hi all. New user. Please see the attached screenshot. My pooled folders were setup as in the setup guide on line, all went to plan I think. Now they appear listed as 'no' in pooled column and my licence keeps disappearing in drivepool (not stablebit scanner weirdly) Any one come across this oddness, bit worried I am about to lose my pool! Thanks
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