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Burst Mode - how many drive should you run at a time?


Just testing my config and when i run burst mode on more than disk per controller the individual values reduce although the overall total goes up


e.g. ~400MB/s(1 drive) to ~350MB/s (2- 3drives) to ~250MB/s (4 drives)


Is this dependant on the CPU threads/ controller/ number of controllers/ number of disks running/ something else?






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How many? Yes. :D


Mostly, it depends on the hardware.  Specifically what communication standard you're using (SATA, SAS, PCI-e), what generation you're using, and the hardware.  



For instance, I have a IBM ServeRAID M1015, which connects via PCI-e 2.0 x8, meaning that I can 4GB/s between all of the drives, in theory.   I say in theory, because the SAS expander the drives are connected to will bottleneck the performance before it hits the controller. 


300-500 MB/s per drive is about what you'd expect.  As for total? that entirely depends on how the controller is hooked up. And how many PCI-e lanes it has at it's disposal. 


The more lanes, the more bandwidth it has, and the more drives can be saturated at once. And the more you can safely run at once. 

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What bios did you use on your RR


there are three available Raid/Quick/and Non Raid


I had been using Quick but have spotted its from 2012!!!!


Where as Non-Raid is 2011 - but just blanks the controller


Think i will use the Raid in testing this time as its from 2015 so new ish

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