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Data in pool maybe corrupted.


Hello All,


I have a pool, and i'm not sure if duplication was on, the default shows it was on in real time but the pie chart doesn't show any duplicated data. I found out that my image of my disk was corrupted (I believe) in my WHS. I am unable to restore the System Reserved partition as I get an exception 


Client restorewizard_fresh.exe - Application error


The exception cannot continue

Windows cannot continue from this exception.

(0xc0000025) occurred in the application at the location 0x0052a297.


Click on OK to terminate the program.


I was able to sucessfully recover my other windows machine's system recovery so I'm not sure why or what is going on. 


More to this story is my boot drive nuked while I was away, i was able to recover the data from this drive from my external back up drive which is imaging my WHS. However, the issue is that some of the pool data was on the D drive of the boot disk which was a 1TB disk. Since that was all backed up and restored I'm guessing it's fine but I still can't restore my client machine.


Does anyone know if there is a way to scan the .DAT file to ensure they are correct? 

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It's apparently not up now, but Alex actually had some utilities for checking and "dumping" backs to a VHD. I'm not sure if they still work, but here is a working link for them:





And as for the error, it looks like the client recovery wizard is actually crashing. I'm not sure why that would happen, other than memory issues (it uses a "RAM disk" to load the environment). So I'd recommend running a memory test on that computer. 



That, or I found another thread that may be relevant to your issue:



But basically, it looks like if you're using an UEFI system, you need to select the "UEFI USB:" option to boot from the restore disk.

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