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[FR_1] - Better Volume Map





To kick off - (not done a search to see if this has come up before)


Initial idea (1)


In scanner you have the volume map option which is OK but could be a whole lot more useful


So what could be different - Have a look at http://www.uderzo.it/main_products/space_sniffer/index.html it looks very similar but is deceptively simple. Also it could be enhanced to add some missing features


The major difference is the display is live and you can interact with it etc plus the filters are very useful and you can use colour coding (although this could be more useful with extra options) 


Labels for file date etc are also very handy


Its a live interface to in that it will update as you change the files/click through to lower directories/ separate windows .....


If this or something similar could be added to Scanner/DP it would make a huge difference to whole experience as you would have the start of an analytical addon family.......

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Actually, this is something that Alex (the Developer/Owner) and I have discussed at length, internally.  


Alex would like to pull this and a few of the other testing features out of Scanner and have them as stand alone utilities, and this is definitely one of them.   There is a LOT that could be done with this, and there is great room for tight integration with DrivePool, Scanner and ... well, CloudDrive.  


Real Time tracking of data, as well as the use of file system filters has a LOT of possibilities, and pretty much all of them good (also, VS 2015 makes writing filters super easy, apparently).  And considering what we could do with thins information in StableBit DrivePool? Or even CloudDrive?  :)


Unfortunately, that's about all I can say, as *at best* this would be in "planning" stages. Eg, just discussed, but no code written. 

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Well, "the flashy bits" are the ones that cause the most issues. :P 


I'd love to say more here, but as I said, it's internal discussions, so I'm not sure how much is brainstorming and what will "ship".  But yeah, this is a pretty logical extension of our software.  Since everything we do is very storage related, adding more robust storage information is very natural. ;)

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