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Managing Other Servers with Drivepool Installed


I have WSE 2012 R2 on my primary server box now running as the DC, though I haven't added any clients yet and has DP installed.


Plus, I have another server box that also has DP installed as well, both licensed and I discovered that you could manage another system with DP installed (had to update the one on the older server box to the current version). 


Thing is when I select the other machine to manage it says that 'COMPUTER\Administrator' is not authorized to connect to this computer. You must be an Administrator on the destination computer in order to manage it'.


So does that mean I need to add an Admin account for the opposite machine in order to manage the pool remotely if needed? 


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Remote control info is gone over here:



Are you using the built in "Administrator" account on both systems? 

And if so, are both using the same or different passwords? 


I was using the built in Admin account on the DC, but plan to create another admin account to as to leave the built in admin acct alone. The other server is running WSS 2008 R2 under a different admin account (not built in).


I'll read over the blog regarding the remote control, thanks!

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If you're using the built in account, then it would need to have matching info on the other system. 


If the account is disabled on the other system, and if didn't have a matching password, it may cause issues.  But I'm not entirely sure about that specific scenario. 


Normally, it should prompt for alternative credentials in this case. If it's not, let me know. 

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