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  1. I was using the built in Admin account on the DC, but plan to create another admin account to as to leave the built in admin acct alone. The other server is running WSS 2008 R2 under a different admin account (not built in). I'll read over the blog regarding the remote control, thanks!
  2. I have WSE 2012 R2 on my primary server box now running as the DC, though I haven't added any clients yet and has DP installed. Plus, I have another server box that also has DP installed as well, both licensed and I discovered that you could manage another system with DP installed (had to update the one on the older server box to the current version). Thing is when I select the other machine to manage it says that 'COMPUTER\Administrator' is not authorized to connect to this computer. You must be an Administrator on the destination computer in order to manage it'. So does that mea
  3. That's pretty awesome! I tried to listen to the podcast but wouldn't play...given it was from 2014 i wasn't sure if the podcast was still available. I don't mind working with domains, just have to understand them better.
  4. Almost feels im talking to myself lol. Anyway Chris wanted to ask you about how are you liking running WS2012R2? Besides using it as a domain controller what other things are you using with it? In my case, i have briefly used R2 Essentials starting out but now have a license for Standard which some say is better anyway. Ive always been intrigued in working with server based gear and OS's. I've built my server using the SM X9SCL+-F board with the Xeon 1230 v2 cpu with 16gb ram in the Antec 302 case. In my case, I have 6 computers running Win7, two of them being workstations, 3
  5. Cool I will look into that. Haven't looked into offsite backup options yet but can probably get some external drives to backup too for offsite storage.
  6. I'm trying to determine what would be a good backup solution to backup all of my Windows 7 machines to one server. Basically, I am trying to decide what server OS to install on my new smaller server build, that will also run DrivePool and Scanner. I've read that Windows Server 2012 R2 would be ideal, but I'm wondering to install the Essential version or the Standard and install 3rd party backup software, like Paragon Backup and Recovery, etc. The Essential version has the client backup feature but of course doesn't support XP clients (but WHS 2011 does). I have two XP machines that I use for a
  7. Its true that XP has gone the way of the dodo, but since I do video restoration work and still do transfers from analog sources (VHS, etc.) I have two XP machines I built for that purpose since the best video recording hardware were made during the XP era. I don't use the internet with either machine so don't need the support for them. But I do network them with my home LAN to share the files between my video editing workstation for further processing and editing. The XP boxes are just capture machines and their sole purpose. Okay I will check out the cards you suggested, and read on the f
  8. Hi, I currently have DrivePool on another large server (the SM 846 Chassis) and works good though I don't have the server in operation right now. I am doing a smaller media server build with parts from a former video editing build that consist of these components: Antec 302 case, with Rosewill 3 x 5.25-Inch to 4 x 3.5-Inch Hot-swap SATAIII/SAS cage AsRock H61M//U3S3 mATX motherboard Intel i5 2500 (non-K) 3.3GHz CPU 16GB RAM (I know overkill, and WSS will only use 8GB) Silverstone 500W PSU 128GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD for OS 2x 2TB Toshiba hard drives I've pretty much used
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