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Any issues with IBM M1015 under Win 10 Pro


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I can't guarantee it, but you shouldn't have any issues. 


The latest drivers that they do have are for WIndows 8 and 8.1.  And these are the ones you'd want.

That means that these drivers *should* work fine on Windows 10. 


I'm using this card on Server 2012R2, the WIndows 8.1 version, without any issue. 





The best bet may be to back up your existing system (or swap out the system disk, if you have a spare) and test it out to see. 

In fact, thinking about it... if LSI/Avago hasn't released a driver yet, it is entirely possible that Windows has a driver included. 

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The LSI cards in HBA mode (like the M1015) don't support drive spin down. If you want this feature, and its highly desirable since not having all disks running is a big advantage, here's how to do it -





If power savings is a factor, yes.  Otherwise, it may not be worthwhile. 


But this also disables driver signing, which could be an issue (security). 


If the IR/RAID mode supports spindown, then it maybe better to use that, as it does pass the disks along to the OS, as well. 

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