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  1. pettakos

    Severe Issue

    My pool consists of 9 drives and while balancing yesterday I realized that it became a bit unresponsive for the first time in a couple of years. I didn't pay much attention to it. A few hours later, I found to my surprise, that it had created on its own a second pool with the capacity of one of the drives, without my intervention. That particular drive shows the correct total and free capacity. I entered disk management gave it a drive letter, under hidden directories pool part is there, but apparently is inaccessible. The rest of the drives in my normal pool show the correct capacity of the rest of the 8 drives, files, folders, directories all accessible. Any ideas why this has happened and a solution to this issue?
  2. But there isn't any data on the only drive to the the second pool. What I essentially want to do is to delete the second pool. I simply don't need it.
  3. I recently created a second pool at the same hardware under the same license consisting of a single spare drive that i had lying around. Today, I decided to delete the second pool that I have created and remain with the initial one. How am I supposed to do that. Is there an option somewhere, cause I tried to remove the drive and nothing happens. B.t.w. there isn't any data in the pool nor the drive, so if a force removal is indicated I wouldn't mind at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. pettakos

    Pool Disapeared

    yes they are physical internal sata iii drives. No, my boot ssd is a 120gb Intel. The board is intel based s1150, Rst drivers are not installed. What I actually did, is to move all data to other disks outside of the pool, do a clean install from win 8.1 to 10 pro, released my DB licence, installed the stable version of DB, pool is up and running normally, moved over the data, seems ok. No issues at all, I still can't explain it though, perhaps it was an operating system corruption that caused the issue, I really don't know. Anyway, thanks once again for the assistance.
  5. pettakos

    Pool Disapeared

    Very odd indeed! I assigned to each of the drives a letter, stopped drive pool service and notifications, a minute or two went by and I checked again the pool was there, acting normally again. Any advice?
  6. pettakos

    Pool Disapeared

    Further update, again I am experiencing the same issue, only this time the pool is gone, but the drives are showing as OK.
  7. pettakos

    Pool Disapeared

    Update: I guess problem solved, everything seems normal, at the next reboot raw disks are again ntfs, pool is up and running no issues. Strange though!
  8. pettakos

    Pool Disapeared

    I am experiencing a very strange situation. Pool consisting of 5 disks at the moment has disappeared, all disks are ok, 3 4tb and 2 5tb, windows disk management console reporting the two 5tb's as raw, when assigning drive letters to all of them, poolpart folders are there files are ok, 95% of the pool is duplicated, the two disks that disk Management is showing as raw under their properties are showing as NTFS which is normal, their health is ok, it is possible to use them meaning reading and writing data to them. What am I supposed to do? Drivepool version beta
  9. Is it possible to create two or more pools , with different hard drives of course, under the same license at the same machine?
  10. Well, I also asked the same thing exactly one year ago.
  11. Thanks for the assistance Christopher, issue has been solved, hard drive is ok, perhaps some data cable has been disconnected from the os drive, and since this was the first drive that was added to the pool a long time ago, it was changed into MBR instead to GPT, without my intervention, and apparently that caused its strange behavior. I learned it the hard way.
  12. Before I upgrade my Win 8.1 setup to Win 10, I would greatly appreciate your feedback by someone who's running Ibm m1015 in IT mode without any issues so far. Furthermore what drivers are you using, cause avago hasn't officially released win 10 drivers for 9211-8i. Thanks in advance.
  13. What is the best policy regarding balancers in order to remove a drive from the pool without transferring its contents to another specific drive? I don't care if the contents will be moved to other ones, I just don't want them to be moved to a specific one during the process. Should I use drive usage limiter plugin and deselect both duplicated and unduplicated options from that drive? As far as the main balancing options are concerned, which ones should I select?
  14. I installed the beta version, the pool is ok, but still I am having the same issues. The files that are in the specific hard disk are not readable, when I try to copy them to another location outside of the pool, it goes so slow, that is practically impossible to either copy or move them. I also disabled all balancers just to make sure the reason why the hdd is constantly being accessed while trying to open a file. Again I checked the disk, no symptoms of decay.
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