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I am unable to turn on file duplication



Hey there, I just finished building my new homeserver with Windows Home Server 2011.


I've got 4 x 4 TB storage drives that I have succesfully pooled with DrivePool, but I cannot seem to enable File Duplication.  I have already copied some of my files over to try it out and the files have copied over successfully


I am currently running DrivePool RC, and every time I try to enable File Duplication, an indeterminate progress dialog pops up for a while, then after about 5 minutes, I get an error popup that just says


"Error Changing Duplication

The parameter is incorrect"


Do you guys have any advice or insight as to what is going on here?

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Am I correct in assuming that these drives were blank/empty disks before adding them to the pool?


If so, could you do this:


And try duplicating the .... duplication error.


If they are not "brand new" or newly formatted, could you try running the WSS Troubleshooter and run the "Reset NTFS permissions on the pool", as the issue could be something as "simple" as misconfigured NTFS permissions.


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Ok, to first answer your question, there were all brand new drives, but I formatted and created simple volumes on each of them that span the whole disk (via the Windows partitioning tool)


A little bit of catching up since my last post.  So since enabling file duplication failed on RC, I decided to try out release.


I uninstalled RC and then removed the add-in, and restarted my server.


I then installed release and went to the Dashboard.  I noticed that the enable file duplication button was missing, and in its place were 3 duplication settings buttons (check duplication consistency, balancing..., and remeasure).  I have tried all of these options to see if anything would happen, but I don't think it did.  The consistency check says that my pool is 100% healthy, but I'm pretty sure my files are not duplicated.  I put ~1.8 TB of data onto the virtual pool, and the dashboard reports 1.79 TB of used space, with 12.8 TB free.  If I am understanding this correctly, that occupied number should be doubled.


Today, I read your post about tracing the error, so I set out to see if I could reproduce it.  I un-installed release and re-installed the RC, but alas, the enable duplication button is still gone, and the other 3 options are there.  I went ahead and enabled the tracing as the Wiki entry specified and re-ran the consistency checker just to see if it would add anything useful to the log.  I then disabled tracing and archived the logs and uploaded it to the tool with the name "ChrisG683_Service_Logs.zip"  It looked like some of the logs from the other days were still in there, so I left them.


If there's anything else you would like me to do, please let me know =).


I got a PM from Alex asking me to set up a meeting, so I set one for tomorrow.

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