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  1. Thank you so much for the information!
  2. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but a quick search didn't turn anything up. Stablebit Scanner detected some bad sectors on one of my old hard drives (THANK YOU STABLEBIT) this morning and I have started shopping replacements. I'm looking at the Seagate Exos X14 12TB, but one of the Amazon reviews mentions that Seagate drives use some non-standard S.M.A.R.T. reporting values. Searching Reddit similarly brought up many accounts of people freaking out for no reason for the same problem, Seagate's 48-bit hex S.M.A.R.T. reporting format is different than the industry standard. I'm using much older Seagates (6 yrs+) with Stablebit Scanner, and infact the failing drive is a Seagate. So my question is, if I purchase a newer Seagate hard drive, is Scanner going to have any issues reading/reporting correct S.M.A.R.T. information?
  3. Thank you Spider99 and Drashna for your feedback, that was extremely helpful! =) Also thank you for the heads up about the lack of Remote Desktop in the Home version, I probably would have gotten screwed by that, I will definitely be going Win 10 Pro!
  4. Hi there! I wanted to inquire about the process about potentially upgrading/migrating my server from Windows Home Server 2011 to Windows 10. I'm very happy with how the StableBit products have been working with WHS2011, it has been a great Steam Mirror/Plex/File backup server for me and all of my files are protected! However with the home server product line being discontinued and as I look towards the future, I think I may want to be proactive rather than reactive about keeping my HTPC updated and secure. Also now that the server edition prices are much higher, I feel like I don't really use the server features all that much, so a standard home edition would be fine (mainly media streaming and file storage). From all the reading I've done it seems like the Windows 10 support is fairly good, although I do see some bugs popping up here and there, and I guess I just wanted to get some confirmation before I did anything drastic. I know it's been stated a few times, but as of today, is the latest DrivePool beta stable enough to store pictures/videos/movies/tv shows etc. on Windows 10? Same question for the Scanner product, is it working well in Windows 10? Is this the correct upgrade process?Un-register the DrivePool / Scanner licenses on the current server Install Windows 10 on the HTPC with a full wipe & clean install on the SSD hard drive (not the data HDDs) Install DrivePool/Scanner on the new Windows 10 installation, the attached drives should be automatically recognized and rebuilt. By "downgrading" from a server edition to a home edition, am I losing any functionality with DrivePool / Scanner? Am I overlooking anything not mentioned here? Thanks in advance for the help!
  5. Ok, to first answer your question, there were all brand new drives, but I formatted and created simple volumes on each of them that span the whole disk (via the Windows partitioning tool) A little bit of catching up since my last post. So since enabling file duplication failed on RC, I decided to try out release. I uninstalled RC and then removed the add-in, and restarted my server. I then installed release and went to the Dashboard. I noticed that the enable file duplication button was missing, and in its place were 3 duplication settings buttons (check duplication consistency, balancing..., and remeasure). I have tried all of these options to see if anything would happen, but I don't think it did. The consistency check says that my pool is 100% healthy, but I'm pretty sure my files are not duplicated. I put ~1.8 TB of data onto the virtual pool, and the dashboard reports 1.79 TB of used space, with 12.8 TB free. If I am understanding this correctly, that occupied number should be doubled. Today, I read your post about tracing the error, so I set out to see if I could reproduce it. I un-installed release and re-installed the RC, but alas, the enable duplication button is still gone, and the other 3 options are there. I went ahead and enabled the tracing as the Wiki entry specified and re-ran the consistency checker just to see if it would add anything useful to the log. I then disabled tracing and archived the logs and uploaded it to the tool with the name "ChrisG683_Service_Logs.zip" It looked like some of the logs from the other days were still in there, so I left them. If there's anything else you would like me to do, please let me know =). I got a PM from Alex asking me to set up a meeting, so I set one for tomorrow.
  6. Hey there, I just finished building my new homeserver with Windows Home Server 2011. I've got 4 x 4 TB storage drives that I have succesfully pooled with DrivePool, but I cannot seem to enable File Duplication. I have already copied some of my files over to try it out and the files have copied over successfully I am currently running DrivePool RC, and every time I try to enable File Duplication, an indeterminate progress dialog pops up for a while, then after about 5 minutes, I get an error popup that just says "Error Changing Duplication The parameter is incorrect" Do you guys have any advice or insight as to what is going on here?
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